Saturday, July 22, 2006

Love and Rockets: "Inside the Outside"

The blog world seems to be going crazy over Oneida these past few weeks. Oneida seem to be the "I Am Legion" of bands - mixing thick all sorts of weird influences from all around the place out their huge gaping maw of sound while adding in their own innovations and inspirations - no limits. One band that immediately came to me upon listening to the new record was this band, the trippy post-Bauhaus dance-and-grind outfit that Dan Ash put together in the '80s. Take a listen to "Up With People" and then "Inside the Outside" - the flipside (and seemingly more un-dated cut) from the "Ball of Confusion" 12." L&R are sometimes put down as a formulaic band but they, like Oneida, weren't afraid to add odd things in the mix - however, they rarely broke outside their genre.

"Inside the Outside" - Love and Rockets

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Matthew Bamberg said...

Excellent comparisons!

Record digger said...

bauhaus and love & rockets are one of the greatest bands ever... love them..

i'll check the new guys

Anonymous said...

Best description I'd previously heard for Oneida was "math rock that actually rocks". Hadn't made the connection with L&R before, but man, Up With People sure makes your case.