Sunday, February 18, 2007

Apple Insanity

Everybody loves Apple, right? I admit I use iTunes as my music library and even download an occasional song. More recently, I've used it to keep up with some fave TV shows like The Office, Heroes, Ugly Betty and Lost -- stuff I've been missing because one of my projects is coming to fruition and I'm reaching roll-out phase (sorry for the lack of postings).

Anyway, yesterday I fired up iTunes, hoping to burn a drive mix CD and after five seconds the thing crashed and gave me one of those "we don't know your problem, sorry for the inconvenience, please contact Microsoft (HA!)" boxes.

I tried again. Again. Again. Panic starts to set in -- not because all is lost but because I know nothing else but iTunes and didnt want to spend the weekend farting around trying to either fix the problem or load up some alternative media player program.

I go to Apple "Support" page and find that REAL hard to find anything but ended up in a forum and eventually found someone who posted what seemed to be a similar problem and followed the solution that was posted because the original poster and others said it worked.

Do all that shit, wank, wank, point, click, install, deinstall, start, restart, stop, start, rinse, remove, scrub, bleep, blop. You know... computershit.

Nothing helps.

Finally I search long and hard and find an actual phone number for iPod support. Well, I have an iPod so I called up, got the usual guy who was probably English as a Second Language tech support. Of course, the first thing he tells me is the shit on all the message boards. While I'm googling, I'm finding what appear to be other legitimate solutions such as use Windows Install Clean-up to delete stuff, etc.

Anyway, after several minutes with the guy, he says there is a solution to fix iTunes but... my iPod is out of warrentry and would I like to get the solution for $30.

THIRTY DOLLARS?! For you to help me fix your STOREFRONT? What kinda shit is that? It's like paying admission to go shop at Trader Joe's (and I'm sure there are people who would actually do that). I asked to speak to a supervisor and after about 10 minutes got online with a lovely woman who asked me about my system, blah blah and then said, well, we don't normally do this but since you seem pretty riled up about this (well, she didn't say THAT), she would give me the magic $30 formula to reinstall Apple's "free" software...

To quote a recent appearance by Ian MacKaye in front of a DC Council Member "This is INSANE, that place is INSANE"... oh, and ef Steve Jobs...

Here's how to totally uninstall Apple shit from your Windoze computer and save yourself $30 bucks or 45 minutes on the phone harruanging their tech support:

  • Open up Windows Install Cleanup - delete all iPod, Quicktime, iTunes stuff
  • Open up Control Panel: Remove Programs Window - delete all iPod, quicktime, iTunes stuff
  • Open up Program Files under your Cdrive and find all iPod, QT, iTunes, Apple folders and delte them. If you can't delete them, go to the Process Manager (ctrl-alt-del) and remove any related processes such as iTunes, Quicktime, etc, etc.
  • Empty Trash

(and optional: Reinstall iTunes/quicktime)
yeah, I'm too dependent on the program to quit and too lazy to switch... any suggestions what I should do to break the iTunes dependency (the solution should allow me to DRM-remove my TV shows and few music tunes).


Anonymous said...

These problems don't happen if you are on a Mac. Unfortunately Mac and the Microsoft Multiverse do not mix well, despite advertising to the contrary...

So if you have a windows or similar operating system, expect the worst. I feel for you...

Jim H said...

I'm a past Mac user and in my job we work with Apple and some of their research partners so I'm no PC vs. Mac bigot. I'm not exactly thrilled about moving to Vista so I am considering my next PC purchase being a Mac.

Thanks for the sympathy Edward -- still, it seems pretty lame that Apple can't offer instructions, say online, to fix a problem that disallows people from using your store. I hope you agree with that and haven't drank that much Apple kool-aid.

Anonymous said...

Check out Media Monkey and leave iTunes in the dust.

Anonymous said...

The main problem is you're using a PC. I have three Apple computers that I use on a daily basis, one with OS 9.2 (my desktop publishing G3 tower) and two for internet and music (iBook and iMac), both with OS 10.3.9. I never have the troubles that PC users have, PERIOD. You can find a good used Mac on ebay to get started. Good Luck and Happy Trails! Jack

Jim H said...

Thanks for the suggestions to buy an Apple as a solution to, um, Apple's problems.

If Apple wants to sell music, TV shows and movies to PC users, then they shouldn't make people pay to fix their storefront and they shouldn't hide the information from us all on how to do it.

The answer shouldn't be that everyone must buy an Apple to use the ITunes storefront and the Itunes software. Do you know how silly that sounds? The problem is Apple, Inc. and their poor attitude towards their customers.

Unknown said...

oh wow! thirty bucks just to tell you to delete the stuff? I'm most definitely in the wrong business.

Jose Fritz said...

To hell with proprietary software. I bought a car stereo that has a USB port, and load MP3s on a few 2GB memory sticks. The folders become playlists, no DRM, no apple, no itunes, no restarts, deletions or needless bullshit.

Miklitov said...

you should have called your post "Windows Insanity"