Monday, March 05, 2012

It's pickled pepper, asshole

pickled peppers, one peck of...

More selections from my personal Top 40

"Genesis" - Grimes.  While I'm not so hot on the rest of this buzz record, I love this heaping helping of originality.

"Simon Says" - Dare Dukes with Jim White - Not exactly sure what Jim White is doing on this track but it's the best one of Dare's latest collection.  Elliot Smith fans should take note.

"Shout it In" - Dirty Ghosts - Ska's not my normal thing but this one rises above the regular stuff and has a cool little underproduced garage feel to it as well.

"Lions of Least" - Pontiak.  This is the album I was hoping for from Howlin' Rain - guitar heavy psyche that doesn't crumble into jam band land.  Nice warm self-recording feel to it, no compression, just mics up to amps and drumheads.

"Settle Down" - Yalls.  An almost perfect cut from a band with this week's best name.  Vintage electronics hybridized with organ and chanted, almost Meat Puppetish vocals.  Who-ah-whoa.

"While We're Young" - April March - from the nth reissue of this classic girl garage band album.  Worth seeking the vinyl.

"Idiom Wind" - Zammuto.  It was only a few weeks ago that I was raving about Zammuto's FucC3PO.  This is a beast of a different color yet still fresh and pleasing to these ears.  While this is Nick Zammuto's song, it's a showcase for the drummer's precise percussion.

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