Thursday, March 22, 2012

That is EXACTLY why I've put together this eulogy

Sat 2

"Andrew in Drag" - The Magnetic Fields.  If this is the state of homophobia in 2012, we have less to fear than the vast multi-wing conspiracy would like us to fear.  Disregarding the whimsy and the ability to find a hundred words that rhyme with "drag" (except for that f-word), the hetero acceptance of his love for another hetero is probably only admitted in his subconcious but only 30 years ago, this would be cause for self-castration or at least a Movie of the Week.

"In The Yard" - Bowerbirds.  While much of the album put me to sleep, I think this has one of the prettiest choruses released this year.

"Apple Pie" - Nelson Can.  Absurdist rock at its finest.  Plus there's whistling and it's not a pretentious as Andrew Bird.

"KILL KILL KILL" by Vacant Fever Limited Edition 7" EP (500)

"Kill Kill Kill" - Vacant Fever.  Drugged out wheezer that would go well on your next mix tape built around Rob Zombie's gore fetish.

"The Shakedown" - Yellow Ostrich.  Near perfect proggy floor shaker that suggests this band might have more populist aspirations.

"Brave Women" - Baby Eagle and the Proud Mothers.  A more shambling, quiet version of Mountain Goat's confessional testimonial rock.  Also, less pompous than MG's last three albums.

"Phone Home From The Edge" - Dinowalrus.  If I could do somersaults in my car while driving, this song would be responsible for me doing that and losing control of my car and causing a 28 car pile-up, the bastards.

"HEART" - Oberhofer.  While I couldn't stand to look at them too long while they were on Jay or David a few nights ago, this is a state-of-the-art indie pop concoction that deserves some listens.

Miniature Tigers

"Female Doctor" - Miniature Tigers.  Carole King Fender-Rhodes piano creates both the groove and the hook to this angst funk ode to someone's girlfriend and medicator.

"Skin Warming Skin" - Laura Gibson. Another gem from Ms. Gibson's album.  What?  Are we up to three cuts featured here so far.  This one is even slower and mellower than the last two if that's possible.

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