Saturday, March 10, 2012

Oh, my death car

In my death car

More excursion into recently released music...

"Generals" - The Mynabirds - Garage punk anthem for a protest.

"For Awhile" - Mansions on the Moon - This is a chillout dream-pop style single that has a degree of stylization and warmth to distinguish it from the pack.

The Kills @ The Granada Theater in Dallas

"Pale Blue Eyes" - The Kills - This band makes it look so easy and perhaps that's the best description of a band on top of its game.  Mossheart (vocals) and Jamie Hince (slide-ish guitar) create a perfectly balanced conversation in this sort of alt-country blues ballad (let's say Lucinda Williams could cover it easily).  This comes from the Last Goodbye EP.

"Jesus Christ" - My Best Fiend - A country spiritual with indie attitude.

"Matchstick" - Amercan Royalty - Follows a construct of a jam-band song but without too much noodling and a wierd processed percussive guitar.

Blaudzun vs Reyn @Hoorn

"Heavy Flowers" - Blaudzun - Epic gloomy ballad from Dutch songwriter who named his band after a 70's athlete

"Eyes" - The Kabeedies - Happy dappy pop-punk with a great drum track.  If they didn't multi-track the bridge/break at the 1:45 mark, then I'm doubly impressed.

"Telephone" Beth Jeans Houghton - another piece of gold from Miss Jeans with on-target lyrics ("so if you're lonely / call me dear / you have a telephone / and I have ears ") and a nice acoustic drum track.  Not on her recent album but definitely belongs in your playlist.

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