Friday, September 24, 2004

Ain't the Modern World Swell

So... I'm digging my new wireless headphones. They allow me to listen at maximum volume without bothering the neighbors in my snooty Co-op. Tonight, I'm working in the kitchen listening to last week's free iTunes download ("Good ol' Love" by Masta Ace) and I notice a smallish object in the sink. It looks like a very small black plastic cylinder. Hmmmm... I think, is there something in the disposal. So I reach in... and pull back VERY quickly when I feel something spinning under my ring finger.

I had the headphones on and had forgotten to turn off the disposal. Whew... close one that makes you rethink that whole bopping while cooking. Of course, first thought wasn't I was one inch from never spinning a drumstick over a cymbal. It was, "I gotta blog this." Sheesh.

I'm sorry I can't post more during the week. Things are pretty hectic at work... Anyway, while I prepare this week(end)'s posts, go to Heraclitussayz and vote in his lo-fi indie Survivor poll. Some good songs from even the ones that get voted off the island. I like the whole lo-fi thing because no group sounds alike within the genre. And Heraclitus has the best ear for it.

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