Friday, September 17, 2004

Galaxie 500 are not for everyone - their music is horribly simple, they aren't the best musicians and they probably have body odor. But played very, very loud, all such bullshit and myopic earthly concerns are laid aside. So, a DVD retrospective has been released with their handful of lo-vi viddies and club tapes. I've written about it before and you can go here to get it - "Don't Let Our Youth Go To Waste" - this is the b-side of the special ltd 7" that comes with the DVD. I don't normally MP3'ize recent releases but since this is a promo and if we buy enough of their DVDs and CDs maybe they'll come back together.


Update: Oh, gosh - I see SVC has a G-500 posting. Oh well, look at it as bookends.


Mark said...

G500 is great. They are not for everyone, but they are for everyone AWESOME!

Spoilt Victorian Child said...

You can never have too much Galaxie 500.
Thanks for the link Jim.