Sunday, September 19, 2004

Rifle Sport Addendum

Zom-Zom (Gerald Boissey of Rifle Sport, Kontrol Panel) writes to correct some of my Rifle Sport posting of several months ago and provides some show news for those in Minn.:

Hey, nice to see some commentary on Rifle Sport.

A few corrections though please, One thing is that it looks like we'll be playing a one-time reunion show the night before Thanksgiving in our favourite Seventh Street Entry club in Minneapolis. Also playing will be my current band Kontrol Panel, Brick Layer Cake, Flour, and Arcwelder.

The picture you are using has the "other" guitarist pictured in it, the year that I wasn't in the band. He doesn't appear on any of the albums. Flour has been playing solo for the past few years and only appears on one Brick Layer Cake track. BLC has no bass player and never has. I have been playing with Todd and BLC for about ten years now, and appear on two of the albums. I played a BLC show with him a couple of months ago and will be doing some more.

As for coloured vinyl skipping, I don't believe that since the actual colour of vinyl is clear. The black was added to make it appear like the old 78s, so colouring shouldn't matter.

But again, thanks for caring about an old fairly obscure band. We had a lot of fun doing it and we are all still good friends and still very active in music and other things.


Here's the much better band picture from the EP that I should have used (Boissey is on the far right in sunglasses):


Jim H said...

Thanks for the corrections. Being as this isn't some big media organization like CBS, I don't have a bevy of fact checkers and proof-readers to catch my mistakes so appreciate it. Good luck on the show, wish I could make it.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great show -- what a line-up. Every time I'm back in MPLS, I try to make it to the Entry at least once. Great (old) memories of seeing Huskers, Dark Carnival, Final Conflict, Otto's, etc.

Eric XXL said...

Sounds like a heck of a show. I haven't listened to my one Rifle Sport LP in awhile, but I remember liking it. It's posts like this that get me pouring through the back catalog. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanks, you nice people.

Oh, and I hate to do this but my name is spelled Gerard Boissy.


Jim H said...

Damn, and I just broke in that new fact checker. Well, she's gone -- the position is open again. Nubile punk rock historians preferred.