Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Love Song Cycle

Out of the blue today, a friend sends an email saying he won't be at work next Monday because he's signing his divorce papers. I happened to be going out to dinner with him and some others tonight and so I got a chance to ask him about it.

"I thought I told you about it."

"You didn't. How are you doing?"


"So, are you staying in your house? Where's [name redacted] staying?"

"Yes. She's living in another state.

We've been spending the last few weeks getting everything settled."

"Uh. Are you still friends, then?

"We're friendly. Yes."

I. Infatuation. The chorus is what you are really thinking. The verses are what you say outloud or to yourself.

"Charborg" - This is Pinback - Pinback.

II. Love, marriage, ritual, promises. But. You make all the right noises but the sound doesn't come through.

"Feather" - Hello Dear Wind - Page France

III. Downfall. Self-destruction. All solace comes from the bottom of a bottle full of fire. Tragedy is always literal. Liquor is your coat.

"Liquorcoat" - from Invisible Jet - Black Helicopter

Photo by Stan used under Creative Commons liscense

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