Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Revisiting SXSW 2006's Favorite Bands, Part 1

A new feature in which I go back to see what happened to my touted '06 SXSW bands and see what they're up to since April...

Band: Ume

Home: Austin, TX

What I said back then about "Wake":
"Lauren Larson's ice-chipped voice starts, uh, crooning and it all kinda makes even less sense - which in effect becomes the charm of the song. She sounds like my cat used to sound when he had a sore throat. The song is kinda like a lost prog-diddle from Scrawl's Smallmouth."
What's happened since SXSW '06:
  • Appeared on a deathbomb compilation with Xiu Xiu and Captain Ahab.
  • Two week tour through midwest and east coast with likes of Dogme 95, Gorch Fork and CMJ showcase
  • Local (Houston and Austin circuit) shows with Ladyhawk, Oneida and Blood on the Wall
Myspace Stats:
Hypemachine Buzz: None. Flatlining.

Website MP3 of note:
"Manic" - As Supervillian L. Swirlgazegirl gestures towards the heavens with calloused hands, twitches uncontrollably and causes mass flooding in Death Valley '69, her henchmen and assorted fellow villians cackle gleefully. From 2005 release Urgent Sea.

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