Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Daily Sonic podcast

I'm slowly coming around to podcasts. I haven't gotten so geeky that I'm like doing the whole RSS direct download BS but I play it at work in the morning. I like Daily Sonic despite the fact that they spammed me to get my attention.

DS is what NPR would sound like if they didn't suck. OK, some of their newsreading is college-y amateurville but they more than make up for it with the music and variety.

They've been at it for 15 daily podcasts. Today's has some great "library music" (an obscure genre I had never heard until this week), The Black Keys and news/comment with Aphex Twin and Belle & Sebastian in the bed. There are 420 MP3/Music Podcasts available at Podcast Alley. In case you have any recommendations of other Podcasts, leave a comment.

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