Thursday, March 31, 2005

MacRock MP3 Mix

Our little SXSW in the mountains is this weekend and I'll be there (thanks to Hilton Honors points). Just to compare, MacRock's keynote speaker is Amanda MacKaye (she's actually one of several) while SXSW's was Robert Plant. The line-up looks like its gonna be a rumble between the acid folkies and the retro-HC-punkers. There's a label expo on Saturday and hope to find some goodies. There's also the added benefit that the shows are mostly in large ballrooms, no smoking and drinking - alas, no photographs either.

Here's a car mix CD of some of the bands I hope to see. Note some of these cuts aren't all properly tagged so you may have to do some editing if you want to keep track of, you know, little things like band and song names. Sheesh.

Otherwise, they are all "free and legal"... MP3s I couldn't find were Black Mountain and Sunburned Hand of Man. Anybody got a hint?

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Anonymous said...

Kraftwerk fans might like black moth super rainbow - playing sat night - their website has downloads.

L. Bernadotte