Friday, June 03, 2005

No Iron (or Vitamins), Man

I feel like the anti-Iron Man or at least Smelted Down for Scrap Iron Man after one of those marathon cross country trips so the song below - an acoustic version of the great heavy metal standard from Four Tet seems to fit (it comes off this recent tribute record).

This time it was San Francisco but I did get some decompress time downtown - visited the Embarcaro (top two pictures), had some great food and beer and paid a pilgrimage to Aquarius Records (below).

Poison Idea wins the Battle of the Bands competition. Jerry A and Tom Pig are still getting the love after all these years. Thanks for all the votes - there was a request for more Drunks with Guns and I'll work on that this weekend.

"Iron Man" - Four Tet (ripped from WFMU)

I'm going to see Spoon tonight and Malkmus tomorrow night which is a kind of record since I normally don't take in more than two shows a month much less one weekend. My Old Kentucky Blog has some songs from the new Malkmus record - recommended (best for headphone listening). It appears that the songs have been taken down - go to Matador for the one meager track ("Baby, C'Mon") that doesn't give you the full impression of this CD. They have a Spoon track but it too isn't really representative of their sound.

I'm also digging the new Smog record. Just the ticket for some further decompression.


Jakob said...

that "iron man" cover is fantastic (never liked the original myself). stephen malkmus isn't sounding too shabby, either.

Jim H said...

I never liked the Official Ironman Rally Song either but yeah that Four Tet version hits a sweet spot - need ta get the record.

Dirty Jase said...

I'm the mail-order bitch at AQ.
Glad you liked the store!
I'll be checking you out more often and ORDER MORE RECORDS!!!
ha ha...

stevedomino said...

i recently posted a great cover of Iron Man on my blog by The Bad Plus:

if you get chance to have a listen

(nice blog btw)

Jane Hamsher said...

Aquaraius! I'm all nostalgic.