Thursday, December 14, 2006

My big assraping demo is finally over...

So... my ass can finally rest (and then immediately go out and do Chritmas shopping for like 30 people, attend a zillion boring parties and then drive three hours to the homestead to do the same).

Here's a heart warming Christmas story about Rush Limbaugh's favorite seasonal band all made possible because an Atlantic record executive had a bad coke habit:

Jason protests that this is impossible, that Savatage is a horrible heavy metal band, their record is NEVER gonna appear on Top Forty radio. But then the report comes in that Scott Shannon is TALKING ABOUT THE RECORD, how fucking GREAT IT IS!

Turns out, at the end of the last album, there’s a Christmas track, and THAT’S garnering all the action. So Jason gets Savatage’s producer, Paul O’Neill, on the phone, and tells him to make a whole ALBUM of Christmas music, to come up with a new name, that they’ve got a GOLD MINE! Soon Paul calls back and says he’s got it, "Trans-Siberian Orchestra", what does Jason think?

Jason says he’s clueless, after all he’s a Jew, but it seems fine to him.

Bonus linkage: Calexico Peel session... a GPS-MP3 FM broadcaster so you can what let people know where you're broadcasting from?... WFMU's BwtB noise/sound collage challenge contest...

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