Friday, December 15, 2006

A Soul-Crushing & Right Depressing Christmas Mix

Celebrating my bandwidth upgrade and Xmas present to you dear readers...

"Baby It's Cold Outside" - Arizona Amp and the Alternator - album
"First Light's Freeze" - Castanets - album
"Christmas" - Jana Hunter - album
"Empty Beds" - Meredith Bragg and the Terminals - album
"Handjobs for the Holidays" - Broken Social Scene - album
"Cheer"* - Neung Phak - album
"A Xmas Song" - Killdozer - album
"Christmas With The Devil" - MX-80 - album
"On Santa's Lap" - Terrified Kid (Yeti Three comp) - album
"Sister Winter" - Sufjan Stevens - album
"Eight Memories In Watercolor, Op. 1: 3. Herdboy's Song" - Lang Lang - album
"Christmas Day" - Jim White - album
"The Winter Journey" - Yumbo - album
"Another Snowman" - Sandycoates - album
"Snow Is Silver" - Lowlights - album
"Christmas Soul" - Mi and L'au - album
"Christmas Card From a Hooker in Minneapolis" - Neko Case - album

* OK, at least one song is upbeat

photo by "still" painted lady


bvsc said...

Thanks Santa!

Anonymous said...

Wow, your're the first person I've ever seen post the Sandycoates song "Another Snowman"....amazingly gentle track...I played it on my Christmas radio show last year.

Jim H said...

Thanks BVSC... and anonymous, yeah, I like "Snowman" for its sad and wistful tone (and that line about melting away) -- it seemed a perfect bridge between the child-like Yumbo track and the loss of innocence highlighted in the Lowlights song.

Unknown said...


Great Stuff and great blog. Have you heard of a scottish band called The Scars? Album called Author Author?

Traitor Vic said...


Christmas Treemendous, as a matter of fact.

Damn! This is depressing...

Lovin' every minute of it (and I'm grabbin' it all on Christmas Night).

Thanks a bunch!