Monday, January 15, 2007

Get Behind Me, Lindsay or Garry, WTF?

I'm no gossip blogger but this photo is fascinating nonetheless... AV Onion (from whom I swiped it) decon it. The readers comments may even be funnier.

And in other compiled linkage...

I really like what I have heard so far from the Sic Alps CD I have on order - here's the video for Semi-Streets. Between these guys, New Times Viking and Love of Diagrams, 2007 is looking up for THE ROCK.

Bedroom guitar strummers will find this site indispensible...or should I say indie-spensible... ha ha. Ehhhh... I hate myself.

Another example of how an MP3 blog led me to buy a CD based only on their recommendation and the MP3 track. Also, see Blue Bus's post on the many variations of the Stagger Lee folk song.

I am now in the process of reconsidering late-90's Fall... here's evidence supporting an upgrade...

Big Rock Candy Mountain is trying to compile the 100 Best Drinking Songs.

and last but not least...

Best Mash-ups of 2006

Ivor Hanson - drummer for Faith, SOA and Embrace has a book out and will be in DC on Thursday. Life on the Ledge: Reflections of a New York City Window Cleaner.

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