Wednesday, January 17, 2007

New Site Feature and a Get Well Wish

Hey all - just a note before I pop out for the rest of the week - hope you like the new feature at the top of the 1st column, um, over there (points to the left). It's a cool and quick way to share any fantastic blog-gunk I come across without having to do a whole big blogger post and distract you from the otherwise goodness or badness... I should be back on Saturday or Sunday or maybe even Friday if I'm not too jetlagged - with yet another obscurity from the '80s and mebbe if I see or hear anything worthwhile out on the West Coast this week, I'll make a nod yer way.

Meanwhile, send out some good vibes/prayers/drugs to Jane Hamsher, longtime reader and Vampire Slayer who's dealing with the Big C this week. Here's a link to her site but it's totally overwhelmed by people trying to say hi and wish her the best.


spork_incident said...

Who's the chick with the typewriter?

She's hawt!



Jim H said...

Czhech out the full size