Monday, November 22, 2004

The Crystalized Movements

"Dog, Tree, Satellite Seers..." LP
Forced Exposure Records, 1987

The first "proper" album from singer-songwriter Wayne Rogers'
C. Movements is EXCELLENT piece of 80's Boston-sound psyche-punk -- Side 1 is the lesser side yet still a worthy listen that has more good than bad attributes. "She's No More," my fave cut on this side, channels the Ramones and leads into "It's All Gone Black," a more traditional garage psychedelic 60's cut marred by muffled vocals and a not-so-exciting guitar lead. "Up Falling Down" isn't the tightest cut on the album but features some off-beat (if poorly recorded) drums and chord progressions. "She Don't Care" is about the closest we get to the 'mersh 60's psyche / REM jangly guitar sound - can't say alot of good about it but let's just say I'm putting it in the playlist for further consideration. "Wondering Where" is perhaps a notch above "She Don't Care" but a bit formulaic, predictable.

But its Side 2 that is a near-perfect raging 17 minutes. "Spinning Around," leading off the pack, is perhaps the best cut on here and maybe the best psyche-punk song of a year that included You're Living All Over Me (Dinosaur Jr), Warehouse (Husker Du) and Locust Abortion Technicians (Butthole Surfers) - and if you said, well what about Surfer Rosa and Daydream Nation - well, yeah, but they debuted in 1988 (not to mention the Afghan Whigs). Interesting to note that Dinosaur Jr and Pixies both hailed from the same general metro area as Wayne Rogers and his Crystalized Movements but the latter seem to get all the attention and "legacy" despite the fact that Rogers is 1) running a great label (Twisted Village), 2) running a great record store in Cambridge MA(also Twisted Village) and fucking formed a band with Naomi and Damon (Galaxie 500) known as Magic Hour (but you knew that, right?) after Dean went splitsville to Luna. But I digressed...

"In Other Words" is the other super track on this superlative side. It kind of sounds like a more psychedelic
Mission of Burma (yet another Boston contemporary I forgot to mention above). "Down to Reach You" has the quietest sound of what is otherwise a loud record and has that cool detached feel that you might get with ? and the Mysterians minus the organ or Electric Prunes without the fuzz. I like that kind of retro but I could have done without the improv space-Deadjam on this side - "Don and Nancy's Trip" - fortunately, its mercifully short and is counter-balanced by a quite worthy snake-charmin' jam ("Death Rats") that features some random vocals from future Movements and Magic Hour guitarist Kate Biggars.

But, this was before Kate joined Rogers. That's not to say Eric Arn (now in a more trad. psyche band -
Primordial Undermind) trading off rhythm and lead with Wayne Rogers (guitar and vocals) isn't a well-matched duelist for Rogers. Scott McLeod on bass is capable (he doesn't fuck up but doesn't stand out) and Teri Morris (now with Tizzy) has her MO'ments pounding the drums.

"Spinning Around" (231 kbps VBR, 4.9 Mb)
"In Other Words" - (269 VBR, 5 Mb)

  • This LP was a limited run of 1300 and out of print for several years but Forced Exposure has reissued it for a steal at $8.00.
  • Twisted Village website has news, tour dates, etc. Go visit, all the vinyl will bring a tear to your eyes, I swear.
  • Damon and Naomi interview tells how they hooked up with Wayne and Kate. G-500 fans will enjoy.
  • Piero's history of the Movements is useful background and includes counterpoint review on this LP - Piero's website is increasingly become a major resource for this journal
  • Primordial Undermind is Eric Arn's band - their label has their history and their other label has an MP3 for download - v. psychedelic...
  • Drummer Teri Morris's band is Tizzy

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