Friday, November 26, 2004

"A Nice Song in the Key of D" b/w "Return to Beneath the Planet of Adrenalin O.D. V.S. Godzilla Strikes Again. In 3-D"
Buy Our Records, 1986

I've revisited my extended adolescent jonesing for melodic thrash once already with AOD so I won't bore you again. Not sure I always appreciated their puerile attempts at humor and gimmicky band photographs and concept albums but they could write a good song and play some of the fasted speedcore. Their 1000-mile-a-minute cover songs of TV themes like Masterpiece Theater and Spiderman always liven up a mix tape.

"A Nice Song" is a good example of their melodic style of thrash, but without their lame attempts at humor and lowbrow cultural crud obession. Not that I look down on that - while everyone was trying to do emo, they kept their sense of humor, such as it was. Evidence being the b-side which is extended continuation of their obsession with B-movies and appears on their '96 Sitting Pretty collection.

This 7" is out of print (and supposedly people collect these things and put value on the fact that the orange lettering means it was the 1st pressing) but
on which this song appeared (with what sounds like a different mix) is still out there if you care - it's in one of my boxes so I might be belaboring you with them in the future.

Enjoy and please leave a comment for once. I'm interested in iPod owners and whether they think my songs need more volume (and maybe someone who can clue me in on how to get the volume up - I'm already turning it up in the "get info" menu but it still doesn't measure up to the stuff I rip from CDs or buy from iTunes).

"A Nice Song in the Key of D" - Adrenalin O.D.

Here's the 7" cover:

UPDATE: A commenter points out that the LP that this single originaly came from was recently reissued. You can buy it here directly from RELAPSE records at a steal of $12.00 since there's like 30 songs on this album that's like fiddy cent a song or sumpin'.

The Brunchmummies feature Bruce Wingate of AOD on guitar. Download their MP3s or buy their lunchbox here. Thank you commenter.

Splash cartoon above courtesy and without permission from Karen Moy & Joe Giella's always lame Mary Worth.


Eric XXL said...

Ahhhh.... the "slow" song from AOD. I think it is a different mix than the one from "Humongus...", dirtier sounding. Volume is fine.

I agree though.If anyone does know a way to boost volume post ripping, please advise. I have a couple of things I'd like to bump up also

Anonymous said...

HUMUNGOUSFUNGOUSAMONGUS was reissued by Relapse Records last year. One of their guitarests now plays in this band :

Jim H said...

Thanks - I have put in an update with some links to Relapse and the Brunchmummies.

Anonymous said...

the mix for both the album and the single are the same. they were probably mastered differently, hence the differnt sound. the only real difference is that when we were making the tape off the master to send to the pressing plant, the engineer shut the tape recorder off too soon. the end of the single version of "nice song" has that version. we thought it sounded cool so we let it go. what did we know, anyway? i can't remember if the diferent color lettering was deliberate or not.