Friday, November 26, 2004

What My Hell Will Be Like

Steven help me, I'm going to go see a "jam" band tonight. I hope I don't come home smelling of patchooie oil. They actually have songs with lyrics that include "hurdy gurdy" and "get loose with the caboose".... shuddder.... the things I do for friends. I recently responded to an interview about Vinyl Mine and one of the questions was whether there was any music I would never post -- I forgot about "jam bands"... the sad awful truth is that I am in kind of a jam band (college buds & we only play for ourselves) but I've tried to reform them.

I'm listening to the songs of this band now -- you can download them from the WahPo Mp3 archives if you want to commiserate (or conversely if this sort of thing turns you on). They're actually named after a friggin' Gr@teful D3@d song (just trying to avoid the search engines by using weird characters). I guess they're good for a jam band but I'd rather listen to a tacky country band or a "quiet storm" cover band. Their claim to fame is that the D@ve Mat+hew$ band opened up for them once.... that's something to brag about?

Can I paint my iPod earbuds flesh-colored and listen to something else without my friend noticing? God help me, will they expect me to twirl? Anyone have any recommendations on payback for my friend? Thalia Zadek is in town on Sunday....

Mitigating factor: alcohol and hippie chicks are a winning combination

UPDATE: I'm still intact and didn't once "shake my rump" to the bar band boogie. Jam bands are like baseball. More fun to watch than listen. More fun to play than watch.

Both bands were very good (the guys I play with are a 2 and both these bands are a 100 in terms of bar band jam boogie) ...

Note to self: when I rule the world the first law we pass is a ban on all bar bands playing "Sweet Jane" or any Velvet Underground covers. And what is it about jam bands and reggae... does all reggae start and end with Bob Marley? You'd think they could find some other interesting covers in the reggae genre.

At one point the New P0tat0e C@b00se had 11 people on stage - I began to think it was a musicians yard sale with just people milling around trying all the different instruments.

It's been about 20 years since my last "Dead" concert - the ladies have gotten older and larger but then haven't we all, haven't we all.

Now my friend owes me -- if you can suggest any upcoming shows so I can start getting him out of his 40 year 60's rut, I'd appreciate it.

As for my "quiet storm" comment (that rhetoricpig commented on) - I'm not sure what the genre is but it always seems to be playing in clothing stores - it's the music where the female singer just endlessly wails in pseudo-orgasmic fashion. Since I seem to remember Anita Baker doign this alot, I've likened it to "quiet storm" genre but it could also be urban gospel soul? I dunno what to call it but I hates it, I hates it.


Unknown said...

Countermitigating factor-b.o. and body hair

Unknown said...

And hey 'quiet storm' cover bands rock I heard a muzak version of Cool It Now by New Edition in the elevator the other day. It rocked. And a couple weeks earlier, different elevator, muzaked Pete Townsend's Let My Love Open The Door. It rocked balls. Heh.