Monday, November 08, 2004

SamSam's Dayout

So Technorati started this new feature where they link the top 20 MP3s that the "blogs" are talking about. As of 6PM today, I'm number 20. It links to a song (linked from Thrill Jockey Records) from this post on Fish & Roses and Sue Garner. The song is probably the best in the mix and I recommend (again) you checking it out.

It's called "Day Out" although I wrote it as "Dayout"... So I'm guessing there are some bugs in Technorati algorithm since no one I can tell is "talking" about this song! But it turns out that the word "dayout" is linked with "Dayout with SamSam" and apparently my MP3 was somehow associated with this.

So in honor of SamSam, whomever that is, here are some other pieces that I have been listening to lately:
  • Oh Look At Me Now - Tommy Dorsey w/Frank Sinatra, Connie Haines and Pied Pipers. This was Frankie's breakout song with Tommy Dorsey. The composer, Joe Bushkin, died recently. He's remembered as a "wisecracking, musically graceful pianist" which you gotta admit is a great way to be remembered. That's him, I think, on this recording (courtesy of Swing Era Net)
  • I Know You - Henry Rollins. This is the Blogger's Desiderata. Seemed to fit my mood as of late, you know, adolescent angst which is pretty sad for a 40-something. There's another version out there with Nine Inch Nails backing but I like this one better. (courtesy and this site)
UPDATE: I'm at number 16 now! Hey, I'm also listening to "Foreign Affair" by Tom Waits that I picked up from this Dutch MP3 blog.

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