Monday, November 22, 2004

Obituary & Letters from Featured Artists

Cy Coleman died last week. Here's his VAST song collection. You might recognize more than a few. One of his "firsts" is introducing a true jazz score to a Broadway music which, if you can believe, wasnt done until his 1990 City of Angels.

My favorite of his songs, though, is:

"The Best Is Yet To Come" as interpreted by Frank Sinatra.

MAILBAG: It's always great to receive mail and when it comes from some of the artists I covered in recent weeks, it's always a welcome surprise (especially when I didn't say anything too horrid about them)!

Here's one from Ralph Carney of the GREAT Tin Huey whose "Coronation" was recently posted and their album reviewed way back in February... (links):

Subject: Tin Who-ey
greetings, thanks for the lovely Tin Huey review (even though i seem to be

your least favorite thing about Tin Huey) we have
some new stuff that we are trying to finish up and put out....
maybe we can do some mixes without me for ya.....

cheers, Ralph "obnoxious horns" Carney
For the record, I don't remember saying "obnoxious horns" but that I wasn't a big fan of soprano saxes - too much Tom Scott played for me by a 'jazzer" roomate as a youth. Unfortunately, they won't be doing much touring. Visit Tin Huey here and Ralph's waycool AkronCraker site (And yes, MP3s for download at both).

I reviewed David E. Williams first vinyl a few weeks ago and received this very nice note from him:

Well, what a lovely review of PSEUDO EROTICA. Thanks very much!

You might be interested in knowing that this EP will be re-released on CD next Spring by the Italian label Old Europa Cafe (along with about dozen other DEW songs from the same era). I think we're calling it PSEUDO EROTICA AND BEYOND: 1986-1998.

Anyway, do I know you? Very few non-acquaintances of mine actually own this record, so there's a good possibility.
Well, thanks again and all the best.

David E. Williams

Check out his site - there's a mini-tour diary onf his recent European gigs in the news section. David, I will buy your new record -- I just need to straighten out my Paypal problems.

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