Monday, November 08, 2004

Ivy - Four Song EP
Quixotic Records, 1992

I wrote recently about Beat Happening and how their appearance on the scene inspired hundreds of other lo-fi bands to do the DIY thing unshackled by "the rules" of the punk scene - we're still seeing the harvest and it only seems to get better. Lid was one of those flowers that bloomed for a short time in the early '90s and then died a quiet death. Their label, Quixotic Records was inspired by Unrest and Mark Robinson's Teen Beat Records and the label owners started, recorded and played in a number of bands including Airlines (Chicago music writer and Jersey zine-boy Jim Derogatis was their first drummer) and The Giant Mums. Lid was drummer Dave Roby (who later played with Wharton Tiers, yet another Branca alumni) and guitarist-songwriter Jim Quinlan. Once they got together, though, they realized they needed a bass and found Deanne Draeger.

If you're going to pick anything here for starters, I'd take the one track written by Draeger called "Bloomsday" but I may just be partial to unemotional non-distorted grunge sung by with a sexy female voice. I have no idea how this fits in with James Joyce -- I'm thinking its more about a song about two people meeting in a bar on Bloomsday and the inner voice in one of those people's mind and she considers going home with him. But, that could just be me. I also like "Ivy" next - a heartfelt piece that proves the lo-fo dictum, yet again, that a good hook can made with just a strummed electric guitar.

All tracks "free and legal" from the original label:

Hit the Silk


Quixotic Records put out handful of beautiful 7"s:
- Lid home page
- The story behind this EP
- Quixotic MP3 stash (including Airlines, Mums, Bugskull)
- Airlines Home page


bullfrog said...

Hey, Jim, I was wondering if you had any info on how I could find a copy of "Lid" or at least of the single "Bloomsday?"


Jim H said...

It looks like doesn't exist anymore. I can post the MP3s on my main page when I get back home if I still have them. Keep an eye on the main page.

Anonymous said...


I used to run Quixotic Records and as you may imagine, I've got a few copies left of most everything, although this Lid EP was a very limited pressing and I may be out of those...I'll have to dig through all those boxes in the basement! Perhaps a Myspace page would be a good way of getting some of this band's music available again...I've got loads of Lid recordings that never saw the light of day including a few live shows.


uppervalley said...

Check out Last.FM's page for Quixotic Records: