Friday, November 19, 2004

World of Distortion
"Let's Go" b/w "Welcome Home"
Stanton Park Records, 1987

Born 20 years too late for inclusion on Nuggets, and 10 years too late to join the Ramones, Aram Heller can content himself with a string of worthygarage-pysche bands (Kenne Highland Clan, Hopelessly Obscure, Dark Cellars, Plan 9) running an extremely cool New England Label (Stanton Park) and writing liner notes for bands and supposedly a book about the Boston scene. So, I guess WoD will do if you want to get your kicks this weekend.

Heller wrote about Head & Hares (Italy) something that might as well be applied to "Let's Go": "Many bands who take the 'primitive' road wind up sounding kind of silly. They overdo it. Too much fuzz. Too much snarl. Not enough song!" Amen, brudder. "Welcome Home" is a worthy enough b-side but doesn't have the same throat-grabbing upfrontness of "Let's Go"....

"Let's Go" - World of Destruction (207 kbps, 4.1 mb)


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