Wednesday, January 03, 2007

More Fun With Spam

Since my posting on using Spam message headers for band names was such a big hit, I also have found another exploit in Spam.

Looking for a cool pseudonym, so you too can be like John Cougar or Bob Dylan? Spam may hold the key to that as well:

  • Reflected H. Ordnance
  • OSHA L. Airedale
  • Jacques Lester
  • Bao Candelaria
  • Unsympathetic B. Chiffon
  • Dialectic R. Housemaids
  • Robber C. Uneconomical
  • Bobbing V. Trickery
  • Hari Karen
  • President General
  • Sarah Slaughter
  • Horn L. Phil
  • Beatrix Brock
  • Burgerking V. McDonalds
  • Mr. Minor
  • Bryn Tweesdales
  • Love Joes

Here's an example on how to use both tricks! Hey kids, need a new band name and artist name for your black sex metal electronic band? How about Whorehaus Mutilatio starring Sarah Slaughter on guitar, Mr. Minor on bass/keyboards and Hari Karen on drums with special guest vocals by Bao Candelaria (moaning and groaning)?

1 comment:

marathonpacks said...

brilliant. i have a recurring dream along the same lines, in which i front a band called Gary Garbage and RosePetal. RosePetal is my backing band, and consists of two black female singers, who dance like the girls from the "Stop Making Sense" DVD. i can't believe i'm typing this.