Sunday, January 14, 2007

New Rips: Jens Lekman and Blood Music

I have to hand it to Insound and their customer loyalty program - I have dropped some bucks there in the past few years and they keep sending me cool freebie stuff like two tickets to see Magnolia Electric Co and these limited edition 7"ers.

I liked Jens You So Silent CD (Secretly Canadian) which was a compilation of some of his EPs and singles and so was real happy to see this version of "A Sweet Summer's Night on Hammer Hill" arrive in the mail. The big diff here is that Jens gives a lengthy introduction to the song which is about the unexpected joy of coming home. It makes me want to go back home. I had a "Hammer Hill" in my past - a graveyard that overlooked the town where we used to go to quaff a brew or smoke and so long as we didn't make a mess, no one ever complained or knew. I'm not sure if the memories are as exhuberent as this song suggests.

"Introduction - A Sweet Summer's Night on Hammer Hill" - Jens Lekman

The flipside is a from band I hadn't yet heard - the Swedish Blood Music's "The Hair" which has been available on the net here - my rip below includes the introduction that sort of explains the song. It's another happy-poppy Swede song about a woman who wants to give the singer her hair... I guess. Hey, it's got a vocoder for all you 80's music lovers out there.

"Introduction - The Hair" - Blood Music