Friday, February 18, 2005

Here's to Swimmin' With Bow-Legged Women

Your Friday "The horror. The horror" song. Turn it up.

"Martin Sheen" - Edie Sedgwick off their/his/her forthcoming release Her Love is Real But She is Not

Lyrics to "Martin Sheen".

The quote about "errand boys sent by grocery clerks" comes from Apocalypse Now

    <>In 1994, the U.N. and the United States looked the other way when 100,000s of people were massacred in Rwanda. In 2003, The West Wing reimagined history and had the "no-fake President" Martin Sheen actually send troops into the Hollywood Rwanda (Khundu).

    [holding a piece of paper in his hand] You
    know, it's easy to watch the news and think
    of Khundunese as either hapless victims or
    crazed butchers, and it turns out that's not
    true. I got this intelligence summary this
    afternoon. "Mothers are standing in front of
    tanks." And we're going to go get their backs.
    An hour ago, I ordered Fitzwallace to have
    UCOMM deploy a brigade of the 82nd
    Airborne, the 101st Air Assualt, and a Marine
    Expeditionary Unit to Khundu to stop the violence.
    The 101st are the Screaming Eagles.
    The Marines are with the 22nd M.E.U., trained
    at Camp Lejuene, some of them very recently.
    I'm sorry, everyone, but this is a work night.

Edie Sedgwick 2005 Tour Dates

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