Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Coffee and Cigarettes MP3 Mix: I Almost Cut My Hair Today

"Wonderland Woods" - Chris Vrenna beckons us down the rabbit hole
"Paid for Grace" - That nice boy from Currituck Co. has gone insane
:::Interlude::: Hannah Marcus show us the desert
"Sun Song" - Nick Castro sits down
"Git" - Skeletons and Girl-faced Boys shimmy to a smooth finale

h.t. for "git" to credcentral


Jane Hamsher said...

Lovely mix as always, thanks :)

Anonymous said...

nice job. did you ever post downliner sect 'i'm the fucking queen of teh universe?' if you did can repost with some of their other stuff? oh yeah, and some armand schaubroeck. thanks.

Jim H said...

I can't find the Downliner Sect. And as for Armand, you stumped me. Congrats.

Anonymous said...

it you want a few tracks let me know.

Jakob said...

how can he let you know...you're anonymous!

Eric XXL said...

Armand Schaubroeck! Haven't heard that name in years, all I know is he was the owner of Rochester's House of Guitars and released a couple of albums. The hOG was always chocked full of his records, and I kinda wished I had picked at least one 'em up just for giggles.

If anyone cares, info here

Anonymous said...

why giggles? the stuff is great. full of profanities, but who gives a fuck