Saturday, July 30, 2005

MP3 Mix #21: I'll Be Your Special Golem

"Let's Kill Saturday Night" - Silkworm (Michael Dahlquist, RIP) (courtesy 12xu)
"I See You" - Blindfold (Angry Ape feature on this band)
"Untitled" - Thuja (per Loki, Destroyer of Brains - more at Uncommon Folk )
"Knuckels" - The Hold Steady (read My Old Kentucky Blog for more tracks; also Moistworks)
"Golem" - Lost Goat (via Life is Abuse)
"Air and I" - Sandycoates

(movie still from 1920's Der Golem - add it to yr netflix queue)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

uh, a constructive critique - the transition from Blindfold to Thuja and then to Hold Steady is a bit abrupt - in fact, the thuja cut might have been more at home in another mix.