Wednesday, July 06, 2005

My First Mash-Up: Get Behind Me, LL Cool J

"Producer"'s notes: OK, it's a bit lame and stumbles in places... more than once but it's my first one and you didn't want me to continue to obsess about it. As the Ramones would say, "just get out there and do it". I promise my next one will be better....

My original attempt was to marry Low's "California" with "Going Back to Cali" but, wow, that sure didn't work. So I went with the B-side and thought who better to complement LL Cool J's mack poetry than Jack "Ladies Love" White the Ripper and Meg White's back to basics drumming. -- DJ V.M.

"Jack The Ripper's Thinking About the Doorbell" - L.L. Cool J vs. The White Stripes

Source material:
  • "Jack the Ripper" came from the b-side of the "Going back to Cali" 12" Single by LL Cool J
  • "The Doorbell" comes from The White Stripes' newest CD, Get Behind Me Satan


Anonymous said...

That's cool - Meg is drumming for LL's rap.

bvsc said...

Fantastic work; keep 'em coming!

trill42 said...

It's awesome!

escapegrace said...

Down with obsessing. Congrats!

darwin said...

Hopefully you don't mind some honest feedback from someone who has done some mashes himself..

You generally did a good job of transitioning between the two, tracks, but the LL Cool J instrumental is stepping all over the White Stripes funk. It sounds like there were enough different instrumental slices in the White Stripes song to back an entire acapella. There may not be an acapella for this LL Cool J, but I think his cadence etc is good for the White Stripes beat.

In other words, nice first try.. but much of this sounds like a DJ trainwrecking at a party. The bits that are good show lots of promise, however. Keep at it. My suggestion is to try to mash an acapella with either an instrumental or loops cut from a song with a vocal. It's much easier if you just have to focus on the instrumental transitions and matching the vocals to the beats. A second instrumental makes it VERY hard and requires EQ fu, etc. etc. My other major piece of advice is that for mash-ups especially, shorter is better. This is 4 minutes, for example, where 3 would do.

What did you use to do this, if you don't mind me asking?


Anonymous said...

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