Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Akron/Family tongiht...

No time for a regular posting as I'm going to go see this band in Arlington, VA tonight.

The mighty *SixEyes found this apparently legal MP3 download - "Running, Returning" off their recent self-titled album. Supposedly, there are downloads on their Myspace page (including earlier work not on their new album) but I couldn't get 'em to work tonight (something flakey going on with their media player).

ALL the songs on this record are excellent and its in rotation. This cut is a good example of how they can rock and yet still find a sweet spot.

And Newspecies.org did a nice review of their show a few days ago in Atlanta. Apparently, they play seated which will probably work on the small stage at the Iota. Here's an excerpt:
Judging from the clips I’d heard on the YGR site, I expected a subdued performance. Instead there was only a seamless blast of electrified folk, driving post-punk rhythms, beatles-esque four-part vocal harmonies, exuberant pop, noise, and classic rock solos. Those genre definitions do little but but provide a fragmentary outline of what the band actually sounded like, but A/F’s artifice wasn’t postmodern pastiche, but delicately honed musical craftsmanship conducted with apparent effortlessness and abandon. This was by far the most emotional and physical harmony I’d ever seen in a band., and by far the most energy I’ve seen from a fully seated rock ensemble–at times incredibly focused and quiet, then erupting into walls of sound, kicking, yelling, howling and jerking around on their chairs.
I'm especially looking forward to their harmonies and offbeat instrumentations. Read it all here

Also appearing is some guy named Michael Gira. I think he used to be famous back in the '80s.

Oh yeah, some other folks answered my meme - check out their responses - here's Jakob, Courtney and Ian.

And thanks to Rae to hooking me up with coveted Bright Eyes tix.

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Scott said...

Virginia represent!

and bright eyes!