Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Animal Collective: Prospect Hummer

I was listening to WFMU a few days ago and they played a cut from the upcoming Animal Collective EP, Prospect Hummer. It's a slight but powerful piece called "I Remember How to Dive"... It's from a recording session in London last year with the [insert fabulous adjective here] Vashti Bunyan and if it's possible to get excited about an EP, this one did it for me.

You can stream the song from WFMU (third song in, check out the preceding track from Jennifer O'Connor too!) or directly from UK's Fat Cat records (where the quality seems slightly better).

Also, get it before it's too late from - CRED CENTRAL posted "It's You" from the record a few weeks ago. Check out Cred while you're at it, it's a pretty good music/Mp3 blog hailing from Australia.

Here's my rip of the WFMU stream for your portable bop:

"I Remember How To Dive" - Animal Collective from Prospect Hummer (feat. Vashti Bunyan)
(Very limited time on this so grab it while you can - and pre-order the EP if you like it)

Pre-order Prospect Hummer - best price at CD Universe

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Miguel said...

I put up "Prospect Hummer", but it will be down in a few days.