Saturday, May 07, 2005

By Popular Demand

Eric requests...

"Sea Cruise" - Volcano Suns

Now that Mission of Burma is talking about hanging it up again, maybe it's time for Peter to revive the Suns - and get the back catalog re-released?


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Eric XXL said...

You sir are a fine gentleman. Viva Los Volcanos!!! (or Kustomized for that matter)

Jakob said...

Speaking of requests, Jim, could you PLEASE send me that "I'm the Fucking Queen of the Universe" song? It seems to no longer be posted and I missed nabbing it while it was up. I'd like to use it as a joke for something.

Pleeeease? I don't mean to be make this site your full-time job, but I'd much appreciate it. I notice that the cover to the new De Novo Dahl album is in the leftbar of your site, and if you'd like, I'd gladly send you MP3s of their old EP (which has some really great songs on it, by the way) in exchange.

Anonymous said...

I'd lead the call for the Suns to get back together - they were the finest! Lets have all their albums re-released with a whole bunch of extras, b-sides and the like tacked on the end too.

Anonymous said...

I remember reading an interview with mac from Merge a few years back where he said one of his biggest regrets with the label was that he wasn't able to get planned Volcano Suns reissues out like he had wanted. Maybe they're in permanent limbo now?