Thursday, May 12, 2005

In honor of Feist's visit to our fair city

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Gotsa gets me to Tower Records

So tiny planes invade our sacred airspace and we find our Commander in Chief is out riding his bike (on a workday, I might add). This is not what we meant for "Ride Your Bike to Work" week. Operative word is "work" (well, one of the operative words).

So it begs the question: if the President can cut work to go for a bike ride, can I call in sick to go see Leslie promote her new record (1230 at Tower Records, Penn avenue)?

Tongue firmly in check and in honor of for our fave Canadian expatriate and Broken Social Scene member:
(Editorial Comment: this Dr. Demento classic is from the otherwise dreadful too-much-hippy-not-enough-folk Have Moicy LP w/Holy Modal Rollers. Instead of this LP, check out Hurley's sublime "Hog of the Forsaken" on the Deadwood soundtrack)

Credit: She's Bitter's Rae made the tip on Feist

UPDATE: Unlike some others in this town, I couldn't get away from work - even when the in-store got rescheduled to 3PM - here I sit slaving in front of a hot Powerpoint machine. So, W., I hope ya enjoyed it AND rode your bike over there. Oh well, Leslie, we'll always have Paree': To Jours, My Moor...

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